Alexander & Hill focuses on five practice areas:  project and program assessment, performance communications, accountability systems, long-range planning, and change management.  We are available to work as an independent contractor, subcontractor, prime contractor, co-contractor, or temporary employee, depending upon the client’s needs.  When serving as a prime contractor or co-contractor, we will assemble a top-quality team that can bring all the necessary expertise to the engagement.  We also welcome the opportunity to work collaboratively with client personnel as members of the project team, when appropriate.

Project and Program Assessment.  Alexander & Hill has a wealth of experience in this field, assessing projects and programs for the organizations responsible for them, as well as for those that provide funding.  We offer continuous, on-site monitoring services for multi-year projects, post-project reviews, and point-in-time evaluations of ongoing programs.  Our evaluations are customized to meet the needs of the client and may include assessments of inputs and processes used, outputs produced, efficiencies gained, goals attained, and impact or outcomes achieved.  Benchmarks used in the evaluation process may include pre-established commitments and goals, past records of success within the responsible organization, and external criteria representing “industry” norms, established models, and/or best practices.  While some clients seek a judgment on project performance to help determine future investment levels, our approach also will equip the responsible organization with the information needed to enhance its program or project going forward.

Performance Communications.  The main focus of our performance communications practice is the development of project accountability reports intended for major funding sources, such as private grant makers and government agencies.  Whether retained by the grant maker or the grantee, we bring objectivity as well as cultural understanding to this sensitive task.  We also have experience developing an article, book chapter or annual report for client publication – and a proven track record of writing winning proposals for the funding of capacity-building and performance-improvement projects.

Accountability Systems.  Our accountability systems work has covered a broad range of projects, including systems designed for project management, inventory control, purchasing, and outcome measurement and reporting.  We focus our attention on the areas of client interface with the system, including requirements analysis, system design, system testing, documentation and training.

Long-Range Planning.   The long-range planning services provided by the firm vary considerably, depending upon each client’s needs.  When a comprehensive planning project with extensive market research is required, we can assemble a team of independent contractors, sometimes supplemented by client personnel, to complete the project.  Often, however, the client requires a less comprehensive approach, sometimes an update to an existing plan, at other times some limited combination of our planning modules:  internal assessment, external assessment, visioning, goal-setting, strategic decision-making, and detailed planning for implementation.

Change Management.  Over time we have become increasingly committed to supporting clients as they implement the changes recommended by both long-range planning and assessment projects.  In addition to our work on accountability systems, this growing practice area offers assistance to clients as they take on new responsibilities and establish new structures to fulfill those responsibilities.  In the past, these efforts have included the provision of project management services for:  the organization of a national conference, the establishment of an internal fund development capacity, the development of financial accountability resources, and the strengthening of organizational governance.

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